Love conquers terror and hate

By Alice Diebel, Intern Minister
The Rev. Mitra Jafarzadeh is on sabbatical
I have been slow to respond publicly to the events of last week. There have been so many and my heart has been breaking. I stand in sympathy and solidarity with Jews across this country, and especially those in the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue. Such hatred. This event followed the senseless shooting of two African Americans in a Kentucky Kroger parking lot because the gunman couldn’t get into the Black church there. All this followed the attempted erasure of my trans siblings by declaring there are only two sexes determined by biology. All on top of some whipped up fervor over an immigrant caravan of people fleeing dangerous conditions at home.
While the shooting was occurring in Pittsburgh, I was officiating at a memorial service of a mixed-faith (Jewish and Christian) family here at St. John’s. At that time we were celebrating the beautiful interfaith family they created. So I’ve been raw. But I will not be proven wrong by such terror and hatred. We must not be stopped by hate. The woman we memorialized knew what radical hospitality and love was. Remember these religious teachings and bring your love into the world.
In the spirit of love and compassion,