Green Sanctuary Activities

By Jeanne Nightingale

August 3, 2020: Date for the Sierra Club Inning on Zoom. Past Plastic Cincinnati will report on the coalition’s 12-year campaign to ban single-use plastics in Cincinnati. Plus: Can you imagine a supermarket with no plastics? The idea of the “Smart Supermarket” is being launched in countries around the world as we speak! We cannot recycle our way out of this plastic crisis! (Jeanne will send you a link to the Zoom Innings if you ask her. Debbie Potochnik is compiling a list of innovative alternatives to plastic).

In the meantime, we continue to share with our Changing Course community programs and films streaming online. Tony suggests we do a program soon on firing up environmental voters. Judy has us planning, in lieu of a second vegan potluck, a follow-up collection of vegan recipes. (Meat is more expensive and less safe these days!) Marie will keep us in touch with Pachamama programs we can participate in.