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Date(s) - 07/27/2018
7:10 pm - 10:00 pm

St. John's Unitarian Universalist Church


The next St. John’s Movie Club will meet at the Esquire Theatre on Friday, Jul 27.

This month’s tentative selection is “Hearts Beat Loud”.  If all goes according to plan, we’ll meet in the lobby at 7:10 and at the church or Graeter’s after, depending on attendance.   You are invited to meet us before in the lobby, come when you please (doors close 10 minutes after the start) and/or meet/look for us after. No RSVP necessary, it’s come as you are. To be sure, check your email or the e-News from St. John’s.


320 Ludlow Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Phone: (513) 281-8750


Parking options:

On-street parking is often available on — or near — Ludlow Ave.

The Esquire validates tickets for moviegoers for two hrs. of parking in the “Merchant Lot” on Howell, located one block from Ludlow Ave. (side street off Clifton Ave. — behind the former IGA Grocery Store.) Howell Ave. is parallel to Ludlow Ave.

Valet Parking available in front of La Poste Eatery on Telford St. (just around the corner from the Esquire, off Ludlow). Valet Service costs $7.00 and is available Fri. & Sat., from 5:30 -10 pm.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $7.50 for seniors, students, and serving military.

Movie Synopsis condensed from a Sundance review:  Brett Haley’s “Hearts Beat Loud,” a truly sweet, funny, and downright likable comedy from the director of “I’ll See You in My Dreams” and “The Hero.” To me, this is Haley’s best film, his most character-driven, gentle, and ultimately moving. It’s about how often we can find entirely unexpected things at the crossroads of life, and how, as a character says, we turn life’s conundrums into art. The art in this case being some pretty kick-ass, well-written pop music.

Nick Offerman, getting a lead role that Haley wrote for the multi-talented star, does his best film work to date as Frank Fisher, the owner of Red Hook Records. His daughter, Sam (Kiersey Clemons of “Dope”) is about to go off to college, on a pre-med track, but dad just wants to jam a few times before she leaves. They’re both musicians in their free time, and they almost stumble upon a truly excellent pop song (which gives the film its title track) while they’re experimenting musically one night. Frank knows it’s something special and wants to capitalize on it, putting it on Spotify and coming with a gameplan that I believe includes a world tour. When Frank asks his daughter for a name, she responds “We are not a band.” So, of course, “Hearts Beat Loud” becomes a hit by We Are Not a Band.

As excited as Frank is about these developments, Sam has some other things on her mind. Not only is she preparing to go to the other coast for college but she’s leaving her girlfriend Rose (Sasha Lane) behind when she does. It’s remarkably refreshing to see a young, multi-racial, lesbian character in a comedy and her race and sexuality are never major plot points. Toni Collette plays Frank’s landlord, who also becomes something of a love interest, Blythe Danner is his mother, and Ted Danson is best friend and bartender. It’s not a perfect movie (Danner’s part feels underwritten) but this is a comedy about emotional support and artistic joy—and we could use a few more of those.

For trailer and longer reviews, Google “Hearts Beat Loud”

Last minute inquiries can be directed to Lyn at 513-403-3833 by text or phone.

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