Ask Congress to support HR 763 to reduce greenhouse gases

By Tony Potochnik

Note: This is an updated version of Tony’s letter to the editor that ran in The Cincinnati Enquirer May 31.

The Enquirer had an article in the 5/20 edition called “Pollution falls during pandemic peak.” It described carbon pollution dropping 17% during the virus lockdown. The reduction is about in line for what is required under the Paris Accords, year-on-year, in order to avoid worst case scenarios of the climate crisis.

Of course, we don’t want a pandemic and economic depression to reduce emissions.

We don’t have to.

Nonpartisan HR 763, ‘The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act,’ would reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2032 and 90% by 2052 … in line with IPPC requirements.

It is projected to add 2.1 million jobs and grow the GDP at the same time. Per megawatt generated, there are about 3 jobs in renewable energy versus 1 in fossil fuels.

The monthly dividend check to all would help with economic recovery without adding a penny to the deficit.

The border adjustment would make sure our businesses aren’t disadvantaged while motivating our trading partners to enact their own carbon fee.

Almost 300,000 lives will be saved by 2032 due to cleaner air and water.

It’s a free-market, nonpartisan plan that should be supported by Reps. Chabot, Wenstrup and Massie and Senators Portman, Brown, McConnell and Paul.

A win/win solution. Make your opinion known.

I am a member of Citizens Climate Lobby, a nonpartisan group of 180,000 in the USA with chapters in nearly every Congressional district and through out the world. Our Canadian members helped pass similar legislation that went into effect in 2019. Our laser focused goal is to pass HR763 with bipartisan support, so it stays in effect no matter which party is in power.

Ten percent of our members identify as conservative. We are making progress with R members of Congress. There are strong chapters in Cincinnati and NKY.

I urge you to look up and register for our National Virtual Conference on June 13th. It’s free and the speakers are usually very interesting. Katherine Hayhoe, an evangelical Christian climate scientist spoke at our Earth Day event . She killed it.

We continue working hard … Like COVID19, climate change is coming whether we are ready or not.